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Bengaluru, previously known as Bangalore, is the capital of Karnataka, the south Indian state of India. Bengaluru is one of the rapidly developing cities of India, the city is a hubtown for the Information Technology sector, that is designated in the existence of diversified IT corporate biggies.

The name Bengaluru was derived from the inscription of Ganga on a stone earlier in the 9th century. This inscription was originated in Begur and Benguluru is instructed as a place where a battle was fought. The experts believe that the name has a flowery foundation and it is named after the tree 'Benga', also known as the Indian Kino.

Bangalore is a fast arising city as one of the most industrialized cities in India, it has managed to stride with the latest trends and fashion. Bangalore is eminent, not only for its natural beauty and technology sector, but also for its uncomplicated tour to the admiring land around it. The alluring sites of Bangalore includes gardens, universities, temples and ancient ruins. The city is also a entrance to Southern India. Bangalore is well connected to other metropolitan cities of South India.

The city is also known as the Garden City, it is a famous tourist destination. It is recommended as India’s Silicon Valley due to it's multinational technology companies that have based root in the city. The pleasant weather is prooved to be beneficial for the health. The city's attraction are its rich cultured heritage and delicious cuisine, also not to forget its abundance of shopping centres, it has become one of the favourite destination of tourist. The city is base of many of parks, lakes, museums, art galleries, religious places and centres for recreational activities.

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