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Selamat Datang! (Welcome in Malay)Kuala Lumpur, the biggest city and the capital of Malaysia, is a cultural potpourri with terrific hotels, extravagant shopping retreats and sumptuous Asian cuisine. The most popular and iconic attractions in Kuala Lumpur have come to define the city as a tourist destination – from the unmistakable outline of the Petronas Twin Towers to the colossal standing Buddha image found outside Batu Caves.

Since then, the city has been the scene of history-defining moments for Malaysia. Stadium Merdeka was where, in 1957, the country’s first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman punched his fist seven times in the air and declared independence. The cultural diversity is arguably the most remarkable thing about this capital city. From traditional Malays and Indian migrants to Chinese businessmen and British migrants, all have played their part in the transformation of this indescript town located in the middle of a jungle.

There is a lot of greenery in Kuala Lumpur, with the Lake Gardens home to popular bird and deer parks you can freely visit, or you can head to i-City Shah Alam to take cool photos of its nightly colourful display of LED-lit attractions. We have covered the traditional, popular and unconventional Kuala Lumpur attractions on offer, sorted by location and even theme, making it easy for you to choose where to visit first. Reach for the sky by all means, but also keep a close eye on what’s happening closer to the ground.

To fully connect with locals, join them in two of their favourite pastimes: shopping and eating. This is Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia’s sultry capital packed with historic monuments, steel-clad skyscrapers, lush parks, mega-sized shopping malls, bustling street markets and trendy nightspots. Also an essential part of the vibrant mix are incense-wreathed, colourfully adorned mosques and temples of the country’s Malay, Chinese and Indian communities.

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