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Mysore, located in the South Indian state of Karnataka is 140 km travel from Bangalore. Mysore is well connected to the roadways and railways networks of other parts of Karnataka and India. Mysore is also known as Mysuru amongst the locals of Karnataka.

Mysore is the renowned city of Karnataka in addition with Bangalore. This charming and mythologically connected city takes its name from the Myth demon Mahisasur was also known as buffalo headed, He was slained by the Goddess Chamundeshwari at the top of the hills of Chamundi, Goddess Chamundeshwari is known to be an avatar of Goddess Parvati.

The city's shimmering royal heritage, the monuments and the buildings, has become one of the most popular tourist destinations of south India. The Palace of Mysore is categorized world's heritage site and it is an outstanding composition of Indo-Saracenic architecture. Mysore, is the capital of culture of Karnataka and also it is the second largest city in the state is better known for its luxurious and royal ambience.

The aroma of sandalwood, rose and other fragrances are sensed in the atmosphere of Mysore has earned Mysore the title of being the Sandalwood City Visitors to Mysore often get enchanted by the distinct Mysore culture, which can be seen reflected in their traditions, arts, crafts, cuisine and life style. The city is truly cosmopolitan in nature as its population consists of people from all religions and all facets of life. Mysore, often termed as the 'City of Yoga', is one of the most visited Yoga centres in India Book your travel package to Mysore India with us now from United Kingdom. Get a refreshing holiday experience with peace and nature.

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